Services offered

If your Mac is misbehaving and not running as it used to, contact MacDoctor Wales now. Have a look at the list below for the core maintenance services and support. If you are not sure what you need, or require something not listed, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

System maintenance, cleaning and optimising - making your Mac run faster
Migration of data from your old Mac to your new Mac, or even from your old PC
Software and operating system installation OS X 10.6, and 10.12
Installation and set up of your new iMac, MacBook, Mac Pro or Mac mini
Connecting you to the web with AirPort Extreme, AirPort Express or any other modem/router.
Setting up Time Machine / Time Capsule to back up your data safely
RAM installation on your iMac, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro or Mac mini
Hardware diagnosis. Software diagnosis and repairs
Network attached storage set up; file sharing locally and across the internet
Data recovery from non-mounting hard drives and secure data removal
Set up of wireless network, syncing iCloud with iPad, iPhone and iPod
Set up and installation of your machine and getting everything working properly
OS X upgrades, updates and installation
Set up of a local file sharing network using OS X
Website design and build

Don't worry if your service or maintenance requirement is missing from the list above. Whatever you need, just get in touch.

Is your Mac running slow or misbehaving?

What happens if I don't service my Mac?

Macs are good but expensive machines and, like a car, need regular servicing if they are to give years of trouble free service.

Generally speaking if a computer is not serviced it will slow down over time and start hanging, applications will crash unexpectedly and the coloured beachball of doom will appear frequently. The hard drive becomes full of old and unused files which take up valuable space, caches (which store information for applications to access quickly) become cluttered and corrupted. Data files, which are written on the first available free space on the disk, are often too large for this free space and so the file is broken into fragments and spread over various parts of the disk. Some areas of free space become just too small to be used effectively. If it is left as is, then eventually the data on your Mac could simply become so corrupted that it prevents the computer from starting up.

Regular servicing will prevent that from happening and it will prolong the life of your Mac. It will spot the beginnings of hard drive or memory failure before that damage destroys your files and will help to prevent you from losing your valuable data. Well serviced Macs run for years, even decades without any costly hardware problems ever occurring, and that's due in large part to keeping the software side clean and tidy. Given the price of a Mac and the value of the data that you keep on it, the cost of a service is small and definitely worthwhile.

Quick service

A quick service done on site usually takes around 2 hours. It includes a rebuild of the OS's directory, files and folders are repositioned to leave a tightly compiled hard drive. The clear space is then freed up which helps your Mac find files quicker and run faster. Cleaning up of all old cache files that slow your Mac down, a check on the startup disk, a quick test of your hard drive's health, a test of the memory. This is suitable for all Macs of any age and will show up any serious underlying problems. I recommend having this done annually.

Full service

The full service is a much more intensive process and can only be done off site due to the length of time some of the tests take. As well as the above, this service includes a full test of your hard drive, memory and other hardware, virus scan, upgrades and updates of applications and Operating System. For Macs that are used intensively and have a lot of data stored on the hard drive (or drives), this is a worthwhile annual service.