My name is Steve Howlett and I am based in Abercegir, near Machynlleth. I was introduced to Apple products in the late '90s by an enthusiastic friend who had a PowerMac G3 and I was knocked out by its user friendly, intuitive way of working, to say nothing of the fantastic design. I have now owned and worked with Mac computers for over 17 years.
Having started my working life using an Olympia portable typewriter, I progressed to a Sharp FontWriter word processor in the early '90s. By 2000 I realised that computers were becoming essential to the way we live and do business, so I bought a beautiful, translucent blue, iMac G3 in order to stay up to date and build my own website. Since then I have acquired a PowerMac G5, an iMac, a MacBook and, most recently, a MacBook Pro Retina and an iMac Retina.
Being the sort of person who likes to be self-reliant, whenever I've had a problem with any of my Macs, I have made a point of resolving it myself. Consequently, I have now gained an in-depth knowledge of the way Macs work, their foibles, and, more importantly, how to solve almost any problem encountered with owning a Mac computer.
Realising that there was very little support for Mac users in north and mid Wales, I set up as MacDoctor Wales in 2014 in order to help those who would otherwise have to travel long distances to sort out their computer problems.
My working knowledge of anything Mac related is now comprehensive so if you need any sort of support from maintenance, a simple or full service, tuition, software problem solving, updates, installation, set up, optimisation for your specific requirements — well, basically, anything that needs solving with your Mac, please don't hesitate to contact me.
MacDoctor Wales - simple, friendly, down to earth, straightforward assistance and support for you and your Mac.


A few unsolicited testimonials from satisfied clients:

  • Hi Steve, Thanks for making my computer so much better! The printer is working fine – no problems at all.
Anne A., Dolgellau
  • Good evening Steve. We wanted to say thank you very much for your excellent and painstaking help on Thursday and Friday.
  • Impressed with your assistance through this learning experience!
Dr James S., Harlech
  • Dear Steve, Thank you for all your hard work yesterday. Everything working fine today.
Mary P., Harlech